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Dock red Stertil1 

With the rise of the Web shops the function of logistic providers with their distribution centers become increasingly important.

They are larger and larger, and to keep the energy loss in the building within limits, the loading docks for the trucks equipped with dock shelters, which cover the opening around the truck when the loading door is open. The material for this, 3 mm thick black PVC cloth, Nitta sells  already for years to the constructors of dock shelters, especially in the higher market segment where quality is appreciated. Competition amongst the forwarders is growing as well, and makes for them the corporate identity very important, often down to the smallest detail. The building is not forgotten, and recently, DHL in the U.K. asked dock shelter manufacturer Logo STERTIL DOCK RGB72 to deliver the dock shelters in their red livery.

The result we can be proud of: Nitta type 2 R 5205 M/5205 M




 Dock red Stertil2

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