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Manufacturer of conveyor and transmission belts

Nitta Corporation is a global manufacturer of conveyor and transmission belts. The company’s headquarters are situated in Osaka, Japan. Production facilities are located in Japan, America, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and the Netherlands. As a part of a larger product range Nitta supplies both standardized and custom-made belts for transmission and conveyor applications.


Transmission belts

High-quality transmission belts tailored and executed as polyamide flat belts (Belts Poly), seamless belts (SE Belts), machine tapes (PolySprint Belts) or aramide flat belts (CFTG).


Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts in PVC and Polyurethane (PU) manufactured specifically for your application. With a wide selection of profiles, top layers, ply compositions, rigid and non-ridged fabrics and many more conveyor belt options.


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