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Nitta’s organisational objectives are aimed at providing long-term added value for people, society and the environment.


Integrated and harmonised approach

At Nitta we believe in an integrated and harmonised approach to society as well as to local communities, and work towards this from a defined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy. Nitta’s working methods and vision are laid down in a CSR document that defines the organisation’s objectives, code of conduct and activities.


Respect and compliance with regulations

Observing the Nitta code of conduct means that we comply with applicable international regulations and local legislation, and that we respect local cultures and traditions when carrying out our activities.


Acting proactively towards people and the environment

In its conduct of business, Nitta proactively engages in activities for protecting the environment, as well as activities that increase the industrial safety and health of all those involved in the production, delivery and application of its products.

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